Current moon phase

FIRST QUARTER: at 5:50 pm AEST* on 18th August to 9:55 am on 26th August. (No sowing on 18th.)
This is a good phase for sowing and planting out suitable fruiting annuals (we eat the fruit or seed-bearing part), flowering annuals, sowing green manures and applying liquid fertilisers.
FULL MOON: at 9:57 pm AEST* on 26th August to all day on 2nd September. (No sowing from 9:55 am on 26th to 9:55 am on 27th.)
This is a good phase for sowing or planting suitable root crops and deciduous perennials (including fruit trees), winter pruning, taking cuttings of deciduous perennials, and applying solid fertilisers.

Daylight Saving

• • PLEASE NOTE: Daylight saving has ended.

Time Zones

* AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
• ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS and VIC: currently exact.
• SA and NT: currently subtract half an hour from AEST.
• WA: currently subtract 2 hours from AEST.
• New Zealand: currently add 2 hours from AEST.

Finding Local Time

As converting AEST to local time zones can be confusing for gardeners, it is easy to find the local time for the change of phase by going to Time converter.
Enter ‘Sydney Australia’ and the time of the change of phase. In the second line, enter the capital city closest to your local time zone. Then click on the ‘Convert time’ button. Or use The time now.

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