Plastic PET bottles

It’s a shame to throw empty plastic soft drink and soda water bottles into the recycling bin because they have a number of uses in the garden. If you cut the base from each bottle, you have an instant miniature green house. Cucumber, pumpkin, rockmelon, watermelon, zucchini and Brassica (cabbage family) seeds are particularly attractive to mice, and plastic bottles can be used to protect them in pots and garden beds. Once the seeds germinate, the bottle lid can be removed to provide ventilation for the growing seedling until it is strong enough to survive without protection. This will also protect them from birds that enjoy newly sprouted seeds. The green houses will also provide humidity for tip cuttings, and protect sensitive seedlings from cold.
Turned upside down, with the bottle neck buried in garden soil, plastic bottles can be used to apply water, through mulch, directly to the root area around shrubs and trees during water restrictions. Propped at a slight angle and filled with water, a couple of plastic bottles can be used to slowly release water to plants in large pots while you are on holiday, provided the plants are watered thoroughly before you leave.
I use a plastic bottle, cut in half, as a funnel for pouring liquid fertilisers into a watering can. If the fertiliser requires straining, I put a length of old panty hose into the bottle as demonstrated in the photo.

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