Buying seedlings

lettuce.1.jpgIf possible, purchase seedlings for your garden from your local nursery, rather than from gardening departments of large chain stores. Apart from assisting your local economy, you will find that reputable nurseries only stock seedlings that are suitable for your local climate at that time. Companies such as Coles and Bunnings, for example, have a single despatch point for seedlings that are sent to stores all over Australia. Staff at their local stores have no say in ordering seedlings, and must accept whatever is sent.
Not all vegetables and flowering annuals will grow successfully in all climates in the same season. Spring – summer can be too hot in warm climates for some varieties that will grow well in milder climates, while late summer – autumn plantings are only suitable for warmer climates. To avoid frustration and disappointment with your gardening efforts, only purchase seedlings from the large chains when you know exactly which vegetables or flowering annuals are suitable for growing in your area at a particular time.

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