Organic strawberry runners

Carly would like to know where she can order online organic strawberry runners in NSW? If not, other states of-course will be helpful, too.
Carly, have you tried either of these places? – Lyn


Red Jewel

I thought her question might be of interest to other readers as sources of organic propagation stock are very welcome. If you know of any other places that supply organic runners, please share with us.

One thought on “Organic strawberry runners

  1. The Digger’s Club has heirloom varieties of strawberries. Not organic but thought I should metion it. I bought mine from the QUT markets in Brisbane – I think the main thing is that you don’t spray the plant when the fruit are forming. If you put them in hanging pots you’ll also reduce the risk of pests. Commerical strawbs are spraying a million times, so much better to grow your own!

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