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Due to some sad people (with nothing better to do) cluttering up my blog with very childish comments, we have had to make some changes to this blog. One of the changes, unfortunately, is requiring readers to now register before being able to post any comments.
I welcome genuine comments on this blog and I am happy to answer any gardening questions you might have, whether they are posted as comments or sent to me directly as e-mails. –
Happy organic gardening – Lyn

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  1. Hi Lyn, I am emailing to request some information. I have recently purchased your Easy Organic Gardening book, it is wonderful. I have a question I wasn’t able to find the answer to within your book.
    My husband and I are revegetating a significant area on our farm with natives. We are hoping to do most of this with pregerminated seeds. My question relates to the moon phase timing of the pregermination. The planting is for next year probably July, as it is cool, it is assumed the seeds will be placed in potting mix one week prior to planting. I am unsure as the approriate moon phase for the commencement of the pregermination task. Hoping you can help Lyn, we have at this point 6 hectares to plant, but have just put in a submission for a further 27 hectares, as you can see, we can do with all the help we can get. Thanks Jackie

    Jackie – put the seeds into the pots during Full Moon phase because they are perennials. Putting the seeds in a moist environment will stimulate germination.

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