Spring equinox 2010

What is an equinox? It is a time when day and night are of equal length, and tomorrow (23rd of September) is the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere. Our equinoxes are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere.
There are two equinoxes each year – one around the 23rd or 24th of September and the other on 21st of March – our Fall Equinox. After the Spring Equinox the days get longer until around our Summer Solstice on, or around the 22nd of December, then days become gradually shorter.
Some cultures think that the Spring Equinox has a special significance for planting. However, at least a third of the time the spring equinox occurs when the Moon is in a ‘barren sign’, or at New or Full Moon, which are not good times for sowing seeds.
Tomorrow’s equinox occurs on a Full Moon, so wait until after 7:20 am AEST on 24th before you sow root crops or plant perennials.

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  1. Does planting flowering plants a week or two prior to spring equinox, in Australia, effect plant growth and vigour?
    Not to my knowledge Terry. There are a lot of myths about the Spring Equinox but it would depend on which phase the Moon is in for the “week or two” before the equinox. This year’s spring equinox (2011) occurs during Last Quarter phase. Flowering plants do best when planted during New Moon and First Quarter phases when the soil is warm enough. This year you can plant them between August 30th to September 11th. If it is still cold in your area then, plant them between September 28th and October 11th. You can find the moon phases on the right side of this blog. – Lyn

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