Planting spring bulbs

The autumn equinox (when day and night are of equal length) occurred on Tuesday, March 20th, this year. Days are becoming shorter than nights now, and it is time to prepare soil for planting spring-flowering bulbs. These plants thrive in a compost-rich soil with some complete organic complete fertiliser added. Gardeners in Cool climates and New Zealand can plant bulbs now. However, as these bulbs grow better after a period of chilling, gardeners in warmer areas can put bulbs into the vegetable crisper of the fridge for about a month before planting.
Bulbs are normally planted at a depth twice the width of the bulb. In Warm climates, plant suitable bulbs up to twice as deep as indicated on the packet. After planting, mulch the area in early morning when the soil is cooler and keep the planted area just damp until growth appears. For moon planters, Full Moon phase is the best time to plant bulbs.

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  1. When can I plant potatoes. I live in Melbourne. Thank you.

    Miranda, Melbourne has a cool-temperate climate and July or August is the usual time to plant potatoes, or September where winters have late frosts. June is a bit early to plant them because they won’t grow until the weather starts to warm, and the tubers can rot in the ground if you get a lot of winter rain. It is best to grow certified seed potatoes as these are free of viruses. Your local nursery knows the most suitable month for planting in your particular area, and will have seed potatoes for sale at that time. – Lyn

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