Organic fruit – mangoes

Mangoes Lunch today included delicious organic mangoes. These were grown by Naturally Fresh P/L up near Bowen Queensland, and carry the Freshcare chemical-free label. Look out for these at your local supplier – they have a beautiful flavour and texture.
When organic farmers can grow such delicious, healthy fruits without chemical pesticides or irradiation, you have to wonder at the farmers who kick up a fuss about restrictions on the use of the neurotoxic systemic* pesticides dimethoate and fenthion.
* Systemic means you cannot wash the pesticide from the produce, it is absorbed through the whole plant.

One thought on “Organic fruit – mangoes

  1. I was interested to hear about the Freshcare chemical free labels and haven’t heard about that before. A Google search wasn’t very helpful… can you please tell me where I can find out more about what this certification means and where I can buy the products? Thanks so much, Amanda.
    You can find more information about the Freshcare group here, Amanda. Freshcare Customer Access – Lyn

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