Time to plant spring bulbs

Just a reminder that April is a good time for planting spring-flowering bulbs in most areas. Gardeners in warmer climates can put bulbs into the vegetable crisper of the fridge for a month’s chilling before planting in May.
Add plenty of compost and some complete organic complete fertiliser to the planting area. Nutrients will be absorbed by the plants during the growing season and withdrawn into the bulbs as the foliage dies back to ensure good flowering the following season, so remember not to remove foliage before it becomes brown. Bulbs are normally planted at a depth twice the width of the bulb. In warm climates, plant suitable bulbs up to twice as deep as indicated on the packet. After planting, mulch the area in early morning when the soil is cooler and keep the planted area just damp until growth appears, then water regularly. For moon planters, Full Moon phase is the best time to plant bulbs. This year (2014) the Full Moon occurs on 15th of April and May.

One thought on “Time to plant spring bulbs

  1. I am not familiar with vegetable growing, but if I ever decide to start I will be coming to this blog for advice, as it seems this is one of the most user-friendly vegetable growing blogs I have been on. The pictures are also very useful. It’s also interesting that you touch on other things, such as the jeans recall and growing things other than vegetables. This seems to make the blog more accessible. I also like the fact that you update quite regularly, a rarity in a lot of the blogs I have looked at lately.

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