Bees and lavender

Beelavender Bees love lavender, and because French lavender* flowers during winter, it provides them with nourishment when there is little else in flower. Lavender is known for its calming effect on people and it has the same effect on bees. A hardy plant, French lavender prefers a gravelly soil with a close to neutral pH. It is an efficient water user and requires little complete fertiliser, suits warmer climates, makes an attractive hedge, and is happy in beds or a large pot. All it needs is a light hair cut when flowering has finished.
Bee numbers are declining around the world. This is a matter for concern for all of us as we rely on bees to pollinate a good number of our fruits and vegetables. As well as growing some French lavender or some winter-flowering annuals, please ensure you keep some clean water available in your garden as bees need clean water, too. Many drown each year from trying to drink chlorinated pool water. A bird bath or large plant saucer, regularly topped up with clean water, is all they need.
* French Lavender (Lavendula dentata) is also known as Toothed Lavender, so named for the edges of its leaves.

4 thoughts on “Bees and lavender

  1. Years ago I did an apiarist course as fun. I always leave water out for bees, and I put corks from wine bottles in the shallows containers for the bees to land on.
    Good thinking, Aussie Girl. You sometimes see bees drowned in deep water containers. Thanks for sharing. – Lyn 🙂

  2. I had noticed all the bees at the lavender, but I hadn’t really thought about it before. Thank you for the great info!

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