Purple potatoes

Not only do organic ‘Midnight Purple’ potatoes add interest to a potato salad, purple potatoes are very good for you. Like richly-coloured berries, purple potatoes are full of anthocyanin pigment, an excellent anti-oxidant that we are told is important in maintaining good health. Purple potatoes also contain chlorogenic acid, which is beneficial to the health of our blood vessels and, of course, important fibre. There is a range of purple potatoes now available, with varying degrees of colouring. I particularly like the Midnight Purple ones as they are an intense purple all the way through.


If you would like to grow your own, Green Harvest have a good selection of purple potatoes, see: Green Harvest potatoes.

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2 thoughts on “Purple potatoes

  1. Maybe tell us what season to plant these Pbuggers in? This article is weak.
    The article is about the health benefits of purple potatoes, Joanne. It also contains links to how and when to grow potatoes and where to obtain seed stock, if you had bothered to read it.

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