2020 Moon planting calendar

Finally, I have completed the moon planting calendar for 2020, and it is now available for purchase. This calendar contains 14 months, including November and December for 2019 as well as January to December 2020. Calendars can be purchased by clicking HERE. As usual, it is produced in Portable Document Format (PDF).

For customers downloading to a mobile device, please read all the instructions on the order page to make it easy to view and save your calendar.

Happy gardening.

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  1. Hi I love gardening and planting by the moon.I sometimes get confused as some people plant at different times of the moon for the safe item especially tomato. What’s the best moon phase to plant tomato seeds? Is it just quarter moon? Please give me some advice as a few people plant it next week at I think 3rd quarter.
    Annual plants where we eat the fruits (e.g.tomatoes) or seed producing parts (e.g. peas and beans) are best sown in First Quarter phase, or New Moon phase as a second choice. Currently, (July 5–12 this year) the Moon is in Full Moon phase. The next best time to sow tomatoes is from 27th July to the morning of the 3rd of August, but only if you are in a Warm climate. It is now too cold for good growth of tomatoes in other climates. You can find more information on when to sow here: Moon planting explained under the section ‘When to sow seed’. – Lyn

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