2022 Moon Planting Calendar

With so many of us in and out of lockdown lately, more people are turning to the very therapeutic activity of gardening. To help you get the best results from your gardening efforts, this Moon Planting Calendar advises the best times for different gardening activities from the beginning of Spring 2021 right through to early Summer in 2022.
Planting and gardening by the Moon phases is a centuries-old practice that is still used around the world today – because it works. Moon planting does not mean gardening by moonlight, it merely uses the same energy that controls our ocean tides. Sap flow and hormones in plants also respond to the variations in the gravitational pull through the Moon’s phases.
Using this energy helps gardeners to achieve better germination and cutting strike rates, stronger growth, the best results from pruning, and know when to avoid planting because plant energy is low. For readers not familiar with moon planting, information can be found here: Traditional Moon Planting.

Aussie Organic Gardening’s traditional moon planting and gardening calendar
from 1st September 2021 to 31st December 2022 is now available

• It is produced as a PDF file that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device for easy access.
• It’s easy to follow and colour-coded to an accompanying legend so that gardeners can easily see when to sow or plant each group of plants.
• Within each phase, the best days for particular activities, such as sowing, pruning, fertilising, harvesting for storage, weeding and striking cuttings are also shown.
• It helps you to plan your gardening activities through the year.
• Weeks begin on a Monday, so that weekend gardeners can see at a glance which activities are suitable for coming weekends.
• It is suitable for all southern hemisphere gardens.

On purchasing this calendar, the PDF* file will be immediately emailed to you along with your Purchase Receipt from lyn@aussieorganicgardening.com and is separate from the PayPal receipt you will also receive. It will be in the Inbox of the email address you provided (or in your Junk Mail/Spam folder, depending on the settings in your mail program).
* You will need a PDF reader installed on your mobile device to read the file.
Before downloading the calendar to a mobile phone or other portable device, please refer to your device’s user manual for information on how to view and save the PDF file for later use, as not all devices are the same.

* For any questions regarding our moon planting calendars, email support@aussieorganicgardening.com

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