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How to protect your garden from climate change, and save water.

A revised edition with moon planting to the end of 2022

The 2012 edition of my book Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting has been re-printed with the section on Moon Phases and Best Gardening Days updated to the end of 2022.
Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting is an essential reference for all gardeners who care about their family’s health and the environment. Written for Australian gardeners to assist them in addressing the challenges of climate change and improving the health of their entire gardens, Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting is packed with information and easy to follow step-by-step guides on:

  • how to convert water-repellent dirt into healthy, productive garden loam
  • how and when to grow your favourite fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs
  • how to keep trees, shrubs and flowering annuals healthy and pest-resistant
  • how to garden in pots and boxes
  • how and when to prune
  • how to make top-quality fertiliser from worm farms
  • making excellent compost, quickly
  • using green manures to maintain the health of your soil
  • how to treat garden pests and diseases without using poisons.
  • how to drought-proof your whole garden
  • getting the best results from water restrictions
  • propagating from seeds and cuttings
  • coping with frost, hail and bushfires

Not just another manual for growing organic vegetables, Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting includes a section on caring for Australian and New Zealand native plants and popular exotics, plus a comprehensive list of drought-resistant plants for decorative parts of the garden.

This practical handbook also includes a perpetual monthly gardening calendar advising you on what to do when in your garden for all Australian and New Zealand climate zones, plus space for you to add personal reminders. And, for those who follow the ancient gardening practice of moon planting, a listing of moon phases and the best days for different gardening activities up to the end of 2022.

Available as both a paperback and e–book

The book Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting with moon planting notes from 2017 to 2022 is available from all good book stores. It can also be ordered on-line from: • Scribe Publications • Dymocks • Booktopia • Amazon • Readings • Penguin.
New updated edition Scribe Publications (Published April 2012 – revised May 2017)  – ISBN 9781921844782 – 512 pp. (pbk) RRP $ 45.00

The e-book can be ordered from: • Booktopia • Dymocks

The Big Book Club included Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting in their recommended reading promotion for December 2009 and January 2010. The Big Book Club Inc. is supported by the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body – The Australian Council for the Arts.

Some reviews:

Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting is jam-packed with fascinating information … an easy and accessible book that will, for many, open a hidden door to a whole new world of gardening. For experienced readers it will become a welcome and constant companion.’ – (Australian Certified Organic magazine)

‘Lyn Bagnall has produced a reference work of incredible proportions … It should become a benchmark among the many smaller and not-so thorough ones on the subject … Aspiring and experienced gardeners of all kinds will find the wide range of this book extremely helpful.’ – Pat Coleby (author of Natural Farming)

‘This terrific book shows you how and why it can and should be done … It could answer all my queries – in a straightforward, practical sort of way.’ – Sally Madsen (Readings, Carlton)

…’ a very enjoyable read, written by an experienced, passionate organic farmer and gardener. This book is a useful reference tool for novices and experienced gardeners.” – Josh Byrne (Gardening Australia magazine)

‘This is organic gardening at its best.’ – Lorraine Parker (Hunter Organics)

‘If you had to reduce your organic gardening library to just one book, this would be a good choice as the 502 pages cover everything you need to know.’ – (Warm Earth magazine)

‘The best Australian organic gardening book I’ve read.’ – Rhonda Hetzel (author of Down To Earth – a guide to simple living)

‘A detailed guide to organics ranging from seed germination and nutrition to practical pest and disease control … The moon planting guide provided is simple enough to plan a year’s production in advance (for all climate zones of Australia) … Get growing!’ – Dave Fawkner (Organic Gardener magazine)

‘This is the most comprehensive guide to complete organic gardening with the added bonus of a moon planting guide … a fabulous resource both for the beginner and the more experienced gardener.’ – (Earth Garden magazine)

‘This is really the only kitchen gardening book you’ll ever need.’ – (Habitat Australia)

‘An immensely readable primer on organic matters written in a friendly way … This organic lark is not tricky at all.’ – (Your Home & Garden NZ)

‘A fabulous resource for any gardener.’ – (Good Life Book Club)

‘I recommend this comprehensive text to the dedicated gardener … the fundamentals are well covered … a great guide to drought-proof plants … Bagnall makes a good case for adopting moon planting.’ – Anne Harrison (National Parks Journal)

Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting is a breath of fresh air in our brave new world … The book is packed with information about revitalising soil, using compost and worm farming techniques to improve it, growing fruit and vegetables, saving water and controlling pests without using poisons.’ – (Senior Life)

‘This book gathers all her knowledge and experience, providing an essential reference for all organic gardeners, and for those thinking about it.’ – (SA Life)

‘Bagnall has written a very user-friendly book … a fine acquisition for any gardener who wants to get back to nature.’ – Christopher Bantick (The Weekly Times)

A ‘practical and enlightening guide for Australian gardeners. Four stars.’ – Miranda Korzy (AAP)


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  1. Hi there, I’m looking to grow some citrus organically in pots 70l and a planter bed. For the planter bed we have dwarf varieties from Merrywood in Melbourne and wondering should we use dwarf for the 70l pots?
    Also what’s the best organic potting mix to buy and where should I get it from? There’s just SO much on the internet it’s confusing.
    From reading your blog after planting we can fertilise with organic compost and worm castings so all good there.
    Any help would be fantastic we’re based in Richmond Melbourne

    Hi Matt, dwarf varieties are well suited to growing in large pots, as the pot will restrict the natural root growth of a normal-sized tree. If your pots have only a single drainage hole in the base, make sure you place the pot on pieces of tile or something similar to keep the drainage hole clear of the ground or paving. Also add about 5 cm of gravel to the base of the pot before adding the growing mix as citrus won’t do well with poor drainage.
    I find Scott’s Organic Potting and Planting Mix pretty reliable, and it is a registered organic input. Bunnings stores around Melbourne currently stock this product.

  2. Good morning. Having only recently purchased your book I have already found it to be an invaluable resource. However I would like to clarify the calculations that you use to derive the moon gardening calendar until 2022.
    I’m the sort who likes to know how things work rather than just follow as I do have a very inquisitive mind. Unfortunately I have tried to figure this out myself and not having much luck. What source are you using to determine the zodiac phase the moon will be in on any given day? These seems to be no “periodic table” equivalent for this.

    Hi Catherine, I use the data provided in an ephemeris which shows, in sidereal time, the time of moon phase changes each month up to 2050, and the ingress of the Sun, Moon and planets into each segment of the tropical zodiac, which people refer to as the zodiac sign. I convert this information into Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). I do not use daylight saving time as some states do not have daylight saving, and start and finish times for DST can be changed by government. Lyn

  3. Hi Lyn, I bought your e-book through booktopia last yeay 2019. Unfortunately whenever I go to read or look up information I have great problems. i have tried on 2 different Samsung tablets to access the book and read it but there is always a problem. Its incredibly slow and locks up all the time. Do you have any solutions to improve my IT so I can use your book?
    Hi Diana, that’s no good at all. I did not have anything to do with the production of the e-book, and I think you need to bring this serious problem to the publisher’s attention.
    Their contact details are: Scribe Publications, 18–20 Edward Street Brunswick 3056 Victoria Australia
    Tel: +61 3 9388 8780

  4. Hi there i would like to purchase your “Easy organic gardening and moon planting” I have tried to buy via the link above but havent been able to get through. could you please email me with the information. do you think you could send a copy to Brunswick Heads NSW before Christmas ? thank you

    Hi Doug, thank you for your enquiry. I don’t personally sell my book. It is available from any of the links that I have attached to the retailers listed on the My Book page, and the book should be delivered before Christmas. – Lyn

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