Gardening gloves

Just a reminder for parents and teachers involved in school gardening programs that Esidirect have children’s gardening gloves made from all natural materials, and at an excellent price. The leather provides good protection for children’s hands without making hands ‘sweaty’. Gloves made from synthetic materials can leach chemicals onto skin when the gloves get hot. Esidirect gloves can be ordered here.
Esidirect also have a great range of adult gardening and riggers gloves. We use Esidirect’s riggers gloves on the farm because they are hard-wearing, provide a good grip, and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

Children’s gloves

As you may know, I am involved in producing the Organic School Garden program for the Biological Farmers of Australia. One of our problems has been finding a source for gardening gloves made from natural materials that are available in sizes to suit primary school children.
However, a company called Esidirect is prepared to supply gloves provided that Esidirect receives enough orders within the next 4 weeks to warrant production, as these gloves will be an entirely new product.
Esidirect accepts orders from schools and is prepared to offer schools a 10% discount for gloves and anything else ordered from their website at the same time for the next 4 weeks only*.
Gloves will be available in two sizes at $3.60 per pair
Childglove5 – that will suit most 8–10 year old students and
Childglove7– that will suit 11–13 year old students. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Esidirect gloves
Esidirect gloves

The gloves are made from natural cowhide leather with denim fabric backs and cuffs – exactly like adult work gloves, but in smaller sizes.
Schools can order from Esidirect by calling: 1300 446 707
Esidirect supplies a wide range of gloves and safety equipment. We use their Rigger gloves when digging, weeding etc. in the garden and we find that they provide good grip control, are very comfortable to wear, and good value. For work that needs a more delicate touch, such as repotting seedlings, Esidirect also supply Ninja gloves and disposable latex gloves. You can see their full range at: Esidirect
*Esidirect have a fixed delivery charge of $9.95 for all orders.