GM foods need labelling

A month ago, Graincorp announced that they will mix GM and non-GM canola varieties together from now on. The Rudd Government promise that GM canola would be separated from conventionally-grown canola in Australia has been broken after only one growing season. This comes as no surprise to those of us who know that no other country has been able to successfully separate the two.
Australian grown Monsanto’s RoundUp tolerant GM canola will be mixed with conventional, Triazine Tolerant and Clearfield canola varieties in bin CSO1, which will sell unlabelled in domestic and export markets. If growers require their canola to be labelled GM-free, they will have to pay for testing and storage in a separate bin.
A perusal of the FSANZ’s labelling requirements for GM foods and ingredients allows an incredible range of exemptions, and relies largely on the honesty of suppliers and processors to ensure that GM additives are correctly labelled. There is no post-marking testing.
Our current regulations regarding GM foods and ingredients are another broken election promise by Kevin Rudd, who stated on November 6, 2007, that:
“Labor will ensure accurate information on GM products is provided to consumers and the community. Labor will establish a meaningful labelling regime that enables consumers to make informed choices about what they are buying.”

If you are not happy about your family eating GM foods, and want GM foods and ingredients clearly labelled, please sign the petition at: