Onion weed problems

A lot of gardeners seem to be having problems with onion weed lately. To compound the problem, there is some confusion about what is “onion weed”? Nothoscordum gracile, or N. inundorum, or Asphodelus fistulosus are all referred to as onion weed in various articles. Onion weed is often confused with another weed (Romulea rosea), that is known as “onion grass” or “Guilford grass”. As children, we used to call them “plum puddings”.
Basically, the treatment for all these weeds is the same and can be found on Aussie Organic Gardening in this post.
To help indenitfication, you can see images of these weeds on the links below.

Nothoscordum gracile
Asphodelus fistulosus
Onion grass