Tropical raspberry

Did you ever have one of those “What was I thinking” moments? I did, recently, as I fought to remove a tropical raspberry plant (Rubus neveus), also known as mysore raspberry. I collected this plant some years ago, and was very disappointed when it produced fruit. Not only did the fruit not taste like raspberries, they didn’t taste like anything at all, really, despite one website claiming they have an excellent raspberry/blackberry flavour. The family were of a similar opinion and showed no interest in eating them. I should have dug out the plant then, but it produces blossom through winter here when not much else is in flower. The fact that bees and butterflies love the flowers, finally bought its reprieve. It remained quite well behaved through the years of drought without any care at all, but has raced out of control after the decent period of rain we had earlier this year. Canes are shooting up everywhere, and the thorns are vicious. I have been able to cut back enough to be able to get to the hatch on our in-ground water tank, but I will remove the rest during Last Quarter phase to discourage regrowth.
If you do decide to plant this type of raspberry, it needs very little encouragement to grow vigorously, and it would be wise to put it in an area where it can’t invade other parts of your garden.